Decorating On A Budget

So you want to upgrade the look of your home, and like most of us, you’re on a tight budget and you want to get the most out of it. We strongly believe that you can redecorate a house to make it look awesome on most budgets if you use a few simple tricks that aren’t really that expensive but completely give it that fresh modern look you’re looking for. And it will actually look more expensive than it is.

Upgrade the small things

The first step is taking a look at all of your door handles, knobs, cabinet and drawer pulls, light switches and so on. While small, they have a huge impact on the look of the room, and if they’re dated they can really take away from that room’s appeal. You can find these for very decent prices at IKEA, Target, H&M Home or whatever similar store is in your area and they will make a huge difference in your living room.

Layer Your Rugs

Here’s a neat little trick. Rugs can really change the style and setting of a room, and they definitely grab one’s attention when entering a room. But rugs can at times seem dated or out of place, however there is a cool way to fix this and actually use rugs to your advantage. All you need to do is find a couple of small to medium rugs that you think would look good in the room you are remodeling. Instead of using just one rug, or using 2 rugs separately, layer them. Put the slightly larger one on the bottom, and the smaller one on the top for a cool symmetrical look. Do note however that it also works with using more rugs, of different shapes and sizes, and layering them all over the room. This one simple trick can make all the difference in the world, if you don’t believe us, try it for yourself and be amazed at the results. It’s fresh, it’s modern and it looks on point.

Simple Lighting

Your living room needs to be properly lighted, and to achieve this all you need is one simple light source that doesn’t need to be expensive, but has to simply light up the room properly. You can get a very affordable Ikea pendant for this, or if you want to go even cheaper and still benefit from a great looking lighting source, get an Edison Filament bulb that’s usually around ten dollars.

Install Open Shelves

Instead of going for an expensive living room entertaining unit, get a small minimalistic TV stand, and instead of the big bookcase, go for open shelves. Not only does this save you a lot of space(and money), but it also allows you to store the same things in a more efficient better looking manner. Open shelves are a thing of the now and of the future, the difference they make is quite stunning if you ask us!

As you can see, you don’t need to buy expensive furniture and break the piggy bank to completely change the look of your living room, or any room for that matter. No more excuses, time to get to work! J